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Otology and Neurotology Doctor in Mumbai

Otology and Neurotology Doctor in Mumbai provides care for tumours of the head base, anterior and middle cranial base and near sinuses, diseases of the ear and related structures. This involves hearing loss, vertigo and stability problems, as well as infections, injuries, tumours, and other ear conditions. We practice in posterior and lateral cranial first surgery and cochlear implantation.

Welcome to Aaryan ENT Clinic. We are dedicated to providing full-service care for patients undergoing ear, nose and throat disorders in surrounding areas. Our team of extremely specialized Otology and Neurotology Doctor in Mumbai. Our work together to provide long-term solutions utilising the newest advances in technology and treatment.

Otology and Neurotology Program is a very active program in otology/neurotology. All areas of Otology and Neurotology are represented in their practices including the treatment of hearing loss and inner ears.

Our practices include hearing aids and surgical correction of certain types of hearing loss. A team program is utilized for the analysis and management of vertigo and in the program. The teams include Otology and Neurotology Doctor in Mumbai.

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