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Allergy Treatment Doctors in Mumbai

Allergy Treatment Doctors in Mumbai: When a human body encounters any unusual substance known as antigen, then the immune system overreacts against the antigen and it makes Allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is a way of reacting of the human body to “raider”. The principal work of the immune system is to defend the human body against harmful factors such as virus and bacteria. The overreaction of the immune system against a harmless or different substance is known as Allergy reaction or hypersensitivity response. Aaryan ENT Clinic is the High-grade Allergy Treatment Doctors in Mumbai.

Allergic Rhinitis- Abnormal reaction to inhalant allergens such as dust mites, pollens, fungi which causes excessive snizzing and runny nose.

Drug allergy-An abnormal reaction of the immune system to a medication.

Food allergies-An unpleasant or dangerous immune system reaction after a certain food is eaten.

Contact dermatitis-A skin rash caused by contact with a certain substance.

Allergic asthma-Asthma triggered by exposure to the same substances that trigger Allergy symptoms.

Hay fever-An allergic response causing itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose.

Animal allergy-An abnormal immune reaction to proteins in an animal's skin cells, saliva or urine.

Anaphylaxis-A severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.

Allergy to mould-An abnormal allergic reaction to mould spores.

In some of the cases, the allergic reaction occurs immediately and in other cases, it takes several hours to days to come in a notice. For more detailsand latest updates visit

Aaryan ENT Clinic will use the advanced medical technology such asDiagnostic Nasal Endoscopy (DNE) and Modified skin prick test (SPT) to accurately diagnose your allergy and especially tailor a custom plan to solve your problem with the limited invasive treatment for an optimal long-term result.

Get the best treatment of any kind of allergy because we are specially trained Allergy Treatment Doctors in Mumbai.

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