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Allergy Specialist Doctor in Mumbai

Meet our Allergy Specialist Doctor in Mumbai to help identify the particular allergens that are causing the Allergy symptoms by measuring how they respond to particular allergens such as food, dust, pollens, pet dander or mould. A “real” allergy means that a person has a particular allergic antibody to the substance exposed. This often indicates that the person is allergic to the substance, and therefore may feel symptoms when presented to the allergen.

When a person has allergies, the immune system overreacts to a substance that is eaten or inhaled. The immune system manages how the body protects itself against bacteria, germs, etc. When an allergy exists, it knows that typically harmless object as an invader, or allergen, and provides immunoglobulins known as Immunoglobin E, which move to cells that deliver certain chemicals, creating an allergic reaction. These allergic reactions can range from momentary sniffles and sneezing to life-threatening anaphylactic injury.Allergy produces various symptoms. General respiratory allergic signs include nasal congestion; itching of eyes, nose, and throat; runny nose; watery eyes, dry cough or wheezing.

Aaryan ENT Clinic will use the advanced medical technology such as,Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy (DNE) and Modified skin prick test (SPT) to accurately diagnose your allergy and especially tailor a custom plan to solve your problem with the limited invasive treatment for an optimal long-term result.

With years of knowledge and expertise in the area of allergy and immunotherapy, Allergy Specialist Doctor in Mumbai, Aaryan ENT Clinic can help relieve your symptoms and get you back to enjoying your life again. If you are someone who suffers from constant allergies please contact us today on 9820795519 or 022 25288902.

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